Annual Hvac System Maintenance Extends Equipment Life And Saves You Money In The Future.

Breathe Easy Heating& AirConditioning's Annual HVAC system maintenance consists of a series of : inspections, adjustments and preventive measures applied to the air conditioner, furnace, heat pump or other heating and cooling equipment.

It allows a trained and qualified HVAC technician at Breathe Easy Heating the opportunity to visually examine the heating and cooling system to look for potential problems, minor issues that need to be corrected and performance enhancements that can be made to ensure the best possible performance, even when seasonal demands are high.

Maintenance gives a technician the chance to correct small issues before they become significant and costly problems later. In a similar vein, the hands-on inspection also allows a trained professional the opportunity to identify any areas that need larger-scale adjustments, replacements or repair.

A neglected HVAC system will probably continue to work for a few seasons, but over time, performance and efficiency will degrade considerably. If you’ve installed a high-efficiency system, lack of maintenance will affect performance significantly enough to eliminate any benefits you once received from the higher system efficiency. HVAC equipment that’s not regularly maintained will have a greater likelihood of malfunctions or breakdowns that will be costly to repair. In the worst situations, a neglected HVAC system can fail so severely that the only choice is complete replacement.

Annual HVAC system maintenance agreement will greatly reduce the chance that you’ll be affected by these issues.

Duct Cleaning

  • Water in ducts. If you have the presence of any water in your ducts, mold growth may become a health issue. The first thing to do is solve the water problem by determining how it is getting into the system, and fixing that problem. Clean and disinfect the affected area and then clean the rest of the system.
  • Construction. If you are moving into a new home, or have recently remodeled. Often sawdust, drywall dust and other construction debris (lunch bags, pop cans) makes its way into the ducting and should be removed before operating the system.
  • Furnace air flow issues. If you are having furnace airflow problems. There could be significant blockages in the system that when removed could increase airflow. Cleaning debris out is much less expensive than re-routing ducts to try to increase flow.
  • Visual inspection. If you can visually see debris or accumulated dust buildup in the ducts. Having small children who delight in hiding little toys and other treasures down a register, or having pets that shed hair regularly, can both contribute to this problem.
  • Pests. If ducts become infested with rodents or insects they should be cleaned and disinfected to remove the bacterial hazards caused by this infestation.
  • Pets. Pets shed a tremendous amount of fur or hair, that end in the air ducts of your home causing air flow problems and even cooling of heated air.

What Can Duct Cleaning Do For You?

A thorough duct and system cleaning will remove the dust, debris, paperclips, toys, pet hair and whatever else has gotten into the system. A thorough duct and system cleaning will increase indoor air quality, increase air flow of the air handling system, making your heating and cooling equipment more efficient and longer lasting.

The inside of the ducts should look shiny and bright, similar to when the system was new. Many people like to know that this system is as clean as they keep the rest of the house. Some Maintenance Tips: High efficiency filter. Prevent dirt from entering the system. Use the highest efficiency filter recommended by the furnace manufacturer and change it regularly. Check it monthly for dust build-up.

Avoid moisture.

Give Breathe Easy Heating& AirConditioning a call, and have us set up an agreement that works for you.

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