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Hot Water Tanks

  • Energy Efficient Heating Systems.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • Duct Renovations.
  • Humidifiers.
  • Garage Heaters.
  • Ventilation.
  • Hot Water Tanks.
  • Tankless Water Heaters.
  • Heating and Cooling Units.
  • We offer residential and light commercial.
  • Our staff has worked with almost everything that’s out there.
  • So, rest assured that we have the knowledge to service most of the most rigid units.
  • Our Journeymen have been in the industry for over 15+ years.
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Annual HVAC System Maintenance Extends Equipment Life And Saves You Money In The Future.

Breathe Easy Heating & Air Conditioning’s Annual HVAC system maintenance consists of inspections, adjustments and preventive measures applied to the air conditioner, furnace, heat pump or other heating and cooling equipment.

This allows a trained and qualified HVAC technician at Breathe Easy Heating to visually examine the heating and cooling system to look for potential problems. We ensure any minor issues are corrected, and performance enhancements are made to ensure the best possible performance, even when seasonal demands are high.

Maintenance allows a technician to correct minor issues before they become significant and costly problems later. A hands-on inspection also allows a trained professional to identify areas needing larger-scale adjustments, replacements or repair.

A neglected HVAC system will degrade considerably. With an installed high-efficiency system, lack of maintenance will affect performance significantly enough to eliminate any benefits you once received from the efficiency. HVAC equipment that’s not regularly maintained will have a greater likelihood of malfunctions or breakdowns that will be costly to repair. In the worst situations, a neglected HVAC system can fail so severely that the only choice is complete replacement.

An annual HVAC system maintenance agreement will reduce the chance you’ll be affected by these issues. For more information on this or any of our services:

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